Thanksgiving Sale

This year may be starting to wind down, but our Thanksgiving Sale is just getting started.

We’ve got great deals lined up for your Fall shopping needs!

Super Melt as a bonus buy for four weeks supply $79 Black Friday Only

Extreme Hcg$225 /Increase energy and alertness also reset your metabolism so you can lose 1 pound a day.

Hcg$189 Works to re-program your body to use stored fat for energy.

IPamorelin$300 / This is the cleanest, most versatile and safest growth hormone releasing peptide today. It doesn’t increase your appetite, so it helps many people lose weight as they build muscle. No spike in cortisol nor hungry, increases lean body mass lower body fat. Anti-Aging/faster recovery, look and feel younger. Improves sleep, mood, increases libido and has no desensitization.

Sermorelin$250 /Weight loss enChanted, Increase lean body mass, fat reduction, Improved energy, vitality, strength, endurance, accelerated, wound healing, Improved cardiovascular and immune function, better sleep quality, Improve bone density and better skin collagen density.

Ultimate Burn w/o hcg$35 / powerful fat burning injection.

Ultimate Burn w/hcg$50 /powerful fat burning injection that will turn fat into energy without feeling hungry.

Ever Young Super Melt$100 /This Injection keep hunger at bay and stimulate fat loss. Give your metabolism a real boost, break down stored fat and resist craving.

GACLIV$225 /Is a blend of six amino acids, that boosts the brain health, promotes muscle growth and decreases muscle wasting. Burns fat and improves diabetes fighting inflammation Reducing muscle pains, improving kidney function, lower high blood pressure, enhances weight loss, rises up fat burning and regulates blood sugar.

CJC1295/Ipamorelin$650 /Most effective GH peptide to accelerate fat loss. It can be use in combination with existing weight loss medication for accelerated weight loss. Ipamorelin along side of CJC1295 increases the GH release levels, have faster weight loss, increases in lean muscle, And growth hormone that all work together to help burn more calories and conversely lose more weight in less time, your skin, nail, hair will look better along with a younger looking Healthier you.



Sugar Caps$45

Lipo B$89


Sales Starts 11/14/19 till 11/28/19 call Thursday, Friday or Saturday and get the Ipamorelin and HCG at a cheaper price

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